Signification of the FHD habitat codes

Fb : Broad leaved forest   C : Cultivated land
Fbs shady floor   Ck khet (Irrigated land)
Fbss saprophyte   Cb bari (Non irrigated land)
Fbr rock inside forest   Cc cultivated crop
Fbo open space/forest clearing   Cp planted for fodder, shade, medicine etc.
Fbe epiphyte      
Fbl liana (woody climber)   AQ : Aquatic habitat
Fbp parasite   AQ Aquatic habitat
Fc : Coniferous forest   U : Urban/Settlement area
Fcs shady floor   Ug garden/avenue/pot
Fcr rock inside forest   Ut temple, wall, etc.
Fco open space/forest clearing   Uw waste-land
Fce epiphyte      
Fcl liana (woody climber)   R : Riverine (River belt, flood plain etc)
Fcp parasite   Rs river/streamside
      Rss shady river/stream side, ravine
Fm : Mixed broad-leaved/coniferous   Rc irrigation canal/runing water
Fms shady floor   Rsr river/streamside rocky area
Fmr rock inside forest   Rsrm mossy
Fmo open space/forest clearing      
Fme epiphyte   AL : Alpine-Nival habitat (> 4000m alt.)
Fml liana (woody climber)   ALm medow/slope
Fmp parasite   ALs shrub-land
      Almd damp/wet/marshy
S : Shrubland or Shrubberies   ALr rocky , morainic diposite, scree.
So open shrubland      
Si inside shrubberies   ST : Steppe (North of Himalayan range)
Se epiphyte   Sth herbaceous steppe
Sl climber   Sts shrubby steppe
Sr rocky area   Str rocky/stony/scree
Sp parasite   Note: ST refers to the areas of dry habitat
mainly in Mustang and Dolpo regions.
O : Open land      
Os slope/ pasture/ meadow/ridge      
Ot terrace/flatland      
Ow wet/damp/marshy/around pond etc.      
Or rock/rocky/ landslide area/slope      
Om mossy/moist      

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